Girl Scouts of Indiana

Girl Scout selling cookies holding a sign that says "Proceeds stay local"

Spokenote is proud to partner with the Girl Scouts of Indiana!

It's Cookie season, and spokenote is excited to be partnering with the Girl Scouts of Indiana to help get their cookies into the hands of customers.  

We've created a special program just for the Girl Scouts of Indiana with custom spokenote-enabled door hangers and stickers to help Scouts utilize their Goal Setting, Decision Making, and People Skills.

As an added bonus, Girl Scouts will save $10 on their first order of $20 or more!
 spokenote Girl Scouts stickers spokenote Girl Scouts door hanger
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With spokenote Girl Scouts stickers, Scouts are able to place easy re-ordering information directly onto cookie boxes with a "Thank you" message! With spokenote Girl Scout door hangers, Scouts can leave a message to prospective customers to leave their information on how to order.  
Girl Scout Cookies