Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is a spokenote sticker?

A spokenote sticker allows you to add video to anything and easily share it with anyone. The sticker has a unique scannable spokenote code, which when scanned with a smartphone or tablet takes you to a website, where you can record or view a video. No account setup required.

How do I buy spokenote stickers / spokenote codes? 

You can buy online at, or on

I received a spokenote sticker. What do I do with it?

If someone sent you a spokenote sticker or you just bought one, all you have to do is scan the spokenote code with your smartphone (e.g., iPhone, Samsung Galaxy) or tablet (e.g., iPad). It will take you to a webpage on your browser and you can record a video or view a video that has been recorded for you. It’s that simple! See an example video (just 40 seconds) at

What are some recommended uses for spokenote codes?

We’ve come up with hundreds of ways you can put spokenote codes to use, personally and professionally. Whether you are using your spokenote sticker to attach a video greeting to a gift card, or you’re a real estate agent who wants to show a video tour of your latest listing on a flier, spokenote allows you to add video to anything. 

Do I have to pay a subscription fee?

No. Our only cost to use spokenote today is when you purchase spokenote stickers. In the future, we may add premium services that would come with a monthly or annual subscription.

Will there be other products with spokenote codes coming?

Yes! We have a number of exciting releases up our sleeve, so be on the lookout for new products launching soon at

record video

How do I upload a video?

First, scan the spokenote code with a smartphone. You will be prompted to go to a web page. When you tap that, you will be taken to a browser, which opens our webapp. On that web page, you will be able to record a video or select an existing video. Once you preview the video, you will be able to upload it. Helpful hint: make sure to keep your phone unlocked and browser active to ensure your video uploads properly.

How many times can I re-record/re-select the video before upload?

Before uploading a video (“Upload”), videos can be re-recorded/re-selected as many times as you’d like until you are happy with the preview.

After “Upload”, can I re-record/ reselect a new video?

Once the video is uploaded, it cannot be changed. You can use another sticker to record a new video. You can buy more spokenote stickers / spokenote codes from

Is there a maximum length of the video that I can record?

The video length is currently capped at 5 minutes. 

When I scan a spokenote code, I receive a message that spokenote code is locked?

The only time you’ll receive this notification is if someone scans the exact same  spokenote sticker at or around the same time you do. In this case, whoever is first to access the code will have the ability to record a video, while the other user will receive notice that the spokenote code is currently locked. If you know the code is still available, please wait 10 minutes before scanning again. If the first user has recorded a video already, the code will no longer be available to you, and you’ll have to scan a new code. If you have problems using your sticker, please contact us anytime.

Can I see if my spokenote has been viewed?

If you have an account, you can check your "My Video's" link in the menubar to see the list of videos you have created and how many times the have been viewed.

Can I send a single video to multiple spokenotes?

You can upload a saved video to different spokenotes. We currently do not allow for mass video uploads.

view video

How long can I view a video associated with my spokenote code?

We plan to have all your videos available indefinitely. If a video becomes inactive (not viewed in 15 months), they are automatically moved to cold storage and may require up to a business day to retrieve. 

How many times can I watch a video?

Each video can be viewed as many times as you like. After a certain number of views, the video views may be supported by ads or ad-free subscription charge.

When I scan a spokenote code, I see an error message and no video is being played.

Please contact support using one of the following:

When I scan a spokenote code, my video stops playing in the middle?

Please contact support using any of the contact methods above.

user accounts

Do I need an account to use spokenote code?

No! You don’t need a user account to use spokenote codes. However, if you want to save your videos to your library and see how many times they have been viewed, you will need to register for an account.

How can I register or signup for a spokenote account?

Signup is simple and easy. When you go to, you will be able to sign up for an account using your phone number or email. 

Can I view a list of videos linked to my email/phone number?

If you are logged in, you can see these under the "My Notes" section in the navigation menu on the top left.


What platforms do you currently support?

We currently support iOS and Android. The browsers we support include Safari and Chrome on iOS and Chrome on Android. While other browsers should work, your mileage may vary on other browsers. If you have any issues, please contact our support team with a detailed message that includes the browser and device OS you are using. 

Can I use it from a desktop / laptop?

spokenote is a mobile-first platform and only iOS and Android platforms are supported. We plan to support other platforms soon. While our application can be used on a desktop or laptop with a camera and microphone, your mileage may vary depending on your browser and OS.

contact us

How do I contact the spokenote™ support team?

You can contact us through email, web app, or our website.

How long does it take to respond?

Our response time depends on the volume of the support requests at the time. We usually try to respond in 1 to 2 business days.